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Northern California Landscaping

Northern California landscaping has been a family business for more than 15 years now. Here at Norcal Gardening, we provide quality gardening services to every customer in Northern California. Certainly, your outdoor environment will be your new favorite place with our landscaping expertise.  In addition, Norcal Gardening provides all other services like garden care, grass-cutting, irrigation-system, sprinkler-repair, and more. Furthermore, we provide these services with top quality standard tailored for customer satisfaction. With our experience in Northern California landscaping, you are rest assured that your garden is in good hands. Gardening or landscaping possibilities are endless therefore, turning your dream lawn a reality is not at all far-fetched. Let us make your outdoor space your new favorite place in this American state.

Ideas for Landscaping in Northern California

Landscaping in Northern California is worthwhile because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, the climate in most parts of this region is mild year-round. Secondly, Northern California is just a great place for gardening and outdoor living whether you are living in a city, suburb, or along the coast. Therefore, landscaping in Northern California is the best way to take advantage of the climate and your property. 

Here are some of the common improvements for landscaping in Northern California. As mentioned earlier, the climate makes outdoor living attractive, that’s why, most NorCal homeowners complete their outdoor space with kitchens, pools, and/or fireplaces. Additionally, some homeowners are revising their front yards and reducing their lawns or even removing them completely. Lastly, having raised vegetable beds where you can grow your own produce is a common gardening norm in this region.

Do you need assistance to make your landscaping and gardening dreams happen? Look no further, Norcal Gardening is here to fulfill your landscaping in Northern California. 

Landscaping Designs Principles

The way we do Northern California landscaping is based on principles, standards, and quality designs. Here are some principles of landscaping designs to give you an idea of our approach to doing things. These guidelines will make any designs beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, these principles will dictate how your design feels and works. Although, these are not absolute. They can all be applied, only some, or none at all, depending on the situation.

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Sometimes less is more. Naturally, getting rid of the elements that don't make any impact is important to make designs simple and not cluttered.


Every element placed in the design has corresponding weight. Furthermore, making sure that the weight stays even throughout the design.


This refers to how the transitions of the elements are applied in the design. Gradual changes are better than abrupt ones.


Different forms, shapes, and sizes should be included to make designs interesting. However, simplicity should not be taken out of the picture.


Accentuate part of the design through forms or colors. However, too much emphasis can lead to chaos. You've got to be careful.


Every element should work together really well. In addition, you can use connections like paths or fences to link elements together.

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Definitely, we are one of the best landscaping companies out there. You can count on us to make your garden area highly impressive. Moreover, we grow fragrant blooms in your property to make it more alluring and enjoyable whatever the season is. Gardening is easier said than done. That being said, choose only the best to rely upon easily.


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Skilled Professionals with degrees in key Gardening aspects to help people throughout.

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Every services we do is done with perfection and great regard to detail to get your money's worth.

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Our Team is composed of certified experts serving clients for years now.

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Questions & Answers

The passion of Norcal Gardening is to deliver our clients with unique landscaping designs that are easily maintained as well. In addition, we aim to provide tremendous services for all your gardening needs. Furthermore, we design, build and maintain gardens to ensure that they look beautiful. Leave all your worries on us, and we will incorporate green beauties utilizing an innovative approach to replicate the natural system.

Our lawn maintenance entails services that assist in keeping your lawn and outdoor property clean and tidy throughout the year. Moreover, the services offered include keeping your lawn ready for the spring season, or prepping it by cleaning all winter debris. Furthermore, we also provide mowing services for your garden area and lawn throughout the summer season and clean up your yard before winter. Lastly, regular watering and weeding services are offered to keep your lawn in good condition.

First, Norcal Gardening has gardening and lawn care specialists who look after all your gardening and lawn maintenance needs. Second, we have a team of certified professionals who deliver quality services every time. Third, along with proper certification, they have the required skills and experience to cater to the clients. Therefore, we have always exceeded the expectations of our clients with higher customer satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

Hear what our clients have to say after availing our services. Indeed, Our Team will Work Dedicatedly to make your Garden looking Healthy, Vibrant, and Lush. Furthermore, we Believe in Putting our Customers First and in the Attitude of taking good care of those unspoken lives. Lastly, Professional and Uniformed Personnel use Safe and Reliable Equipment to deliver nothing but the best.   

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● A highly professional company with well-equipped staff, who are serving me with their services for years now. That said, if you are looking for gardening services in Northern California, rely on NorCal Gardening for their budget-friendly services.
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● Certainly, NorCal Gardening has been an excellent gardening service provider that utilizes modern technology and efficient equipment to ensure prompt services.
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● I am highly satisfied with Gardening Services provided by NorCal Gardening. Indeed, these guys never fail to exceed expectations.
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● If you are looking for knowledgeable gardening services, your search ends with NorCal Gardening. Moreover, they have friendly staff, and this is what I love about them.

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