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You are here because you, probably, searched garden care services in Folsom. In connection, you found us because we live up to our clients expectations and that really shows with our ranking in Google search. 

We are your go-to company when it comes to landscaping and garden care in Folsom, California. Additionally, we offer services that, not only, provide solutions to your problem, but also, keep the problem away. Our team in garden care Folsom will help you from start to finish.

Make an impression when you get your outdoor space beautifully landscaped by NorCal Gardening.

Our team at NorCal Gardening is ready to make your home or business an attraction. Contact us today.

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Make Your Dream Into A Reality

Imagine yourself walking about in your lawn which you only dreamed of before. We are proud to say that our certified experts have been making many people in Folsom happy by turning their dream lawn into a reality. And, it will be an honor to count you in. Whether you want your outdoor space renovated, maintained, or built from scratch, our team of experts will definitely give you the outdoor space of your dreams.

Services We Offer in Folsom CA

Garden Care Folsom, CA

Our team provides quality garden care Folsom with customer satisfaction guaranteed. We have custom-tailored programs to cater specific needs. To do all that, we will pay your place a visit to make sure every detail and aspect are considered.

You can check out our vegetable gardening, flower gardening, gardening with a tractor guides to learn more.

Folsom Grass Cutting Service

folsom grass cuttingHaving problem with grass growing out of control? We’re here to help with our Folsom grass cutting service. We call this service Folsom grass cutting to make people who are looking for this particular service find us. Additionally, we want people to find us because we think everyone deserves quality work.

We have a proven track record of providing Folsom grass cutting service with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our Folsom grass cutting pros are held up to our strict work ethics in order to maintain our high approval ratings. 

About Our Grass Cutting Folsom Service

grass cutting folsomOur grass cutting Folsom service ensures that your grass is evenly cut and that no stubborn weeds are left. Besides, we will also turn your patched and unhealthy lawn into a levelled one. We are here to take care of your gardening chores so you don’t have to worry about those growing weeds.

Here are tips from our grass cutting Folsom experts to give you an idea on how we do things or how should things be done:

  1. How much should you cut your grass? Ideally, grass should be cut about 2-3 inches high. That said, cutting too short promotes weed growth and short roots which limits the roots to reach down for more moisture during hot seasons. Moreover, it will result in a thin and patchy turf. A good rule to remember is the 1/3 rule. Never cut the grass more than 1/3 of it’s current height to lessen the stress of being cut and maximize health.
  2. How often should you cut? Cutting regularly is the key. Although it depends on the type of grass, our grass cutting Folsom pros recommend a frequency of once a week. 
  3. How should you mow? Most people haven’t given this much thought but, avoid mowing on the same pattern every time. Grass tends to grow on the direction it is cut so, cut in a different direction each time to keep the grass grow upright and prevent rut formation which will spoil your lawn’s aesthetics. Our grass cutting Folsom pros have seen this a lot from clients who use to do lawn mowing themselves.
  4. What to do with grass clippings? Leave them on your lawn. Yes, you read it right. Grass clippings are actually made up of 75-80 % water which will decompose back to your topsoil. Additionally, it has nutrients and minerals which will save your pocket from buying fertilizer.
  5. What about your lawn mower? Check and clean your lawn mower before and after using. Additionally, have it inspected at least once a year to maintain its state optimum and its blade sharp.
Irrigation System Folsom

irrigation system folsomAre you here because you looked up irrigation system Folsom? You are in the right place.

Irrigation system is crucial in every lawn to keep it healthy and lush. Keeping your lawn hydrated is one way of maintaining it. However, with your busy schedule, this might be the least of your priorities. That said, hiring an irrigation system Folsom service will help a lot.

We provide expert installation and repair of irrigation system Folsom. With thorough assessment of your property, we devise custom-tailored irrigation solution for your situation. Also, we identify and repair the issues of your existing irrigation system. 

With a proper and effective irrigation system in Folsom, you wouldn’t have to worry about watering your plants every now and then. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your plants being underwatered or overwatered with our effective sprinkler system. 

Contact us for irrigation system Folsom today.

Landscaping Service Folsom CA

landscaping service folsomAre you looking for landscaping service folsom? Let us help you today.

Your outdoor space is what complements your house practically and aesthetically. Besides, having a good landscape doesn’t only accentuate your property’s curb appeal but also, improves quality of living as a resident.

In connection, choosing the right people to handle your landscaping is important. Choose the one that will consider your property as their own, achieve your desired result, and has a proven track record. Choose our landscaping service Folsom.

Our landscaping service Folsom is composed of certified experts who know just the right strategies to fulfill your landscaping needs. Further, we provide custom-tailored designing to achieve the most beautiful lawn you so desire. We take pride in what we do. And, we only provide effective and efficient solutions to our clientele.

Our years of experience together with hours of dedication to finish every project are what separate us from the crowd. We do everything from designing, execution, and maintenance in order to put out quality landscaping that lasts. Additionally, we have also handled difficult projects such as landscaping sloped yard and more.  Contact our landscaping service Folsom today.

Sprinkler Repair Folsom CA

sprinkler repair folsom caYou found us for searching sprinkler repair Folsom CA. Let us help you today.

Your sprinkler system is one of the key players in keeping your lawn healthy and green. Therefore, you should never hold off repairs for any sprinkler issue. Let our sprinkler repair Folsom CA service handle your sprinkler issues from now on.

We are a trusted and reliable company that provides sprinkler repair Folsom CA service. Our years of experience equipped us with the necessary knowledge to handle any commercial and home sprinkler system repair job. Here’s a list of common sprinkler-related issues that we can help with at an affordable cost:

Contact our sprinkler repair Folsom CA service and say goodbye to your sprinkler system blues.

Lawn Mowing Folsom CA

lawn mowing folsomWere you looking for lawn mowing Folsom? We got you covered.

Lawn mowing seems like a straightforward task for most. Most people want to do them on their own. However, after some time of doing it, they noticed that their lawn’s health is declining. What could they have done wrong while doing a seemingly straightforward task?

This is just one of the advantages of hiring professionals like our lawn mowing Folsom service. In fact, hiring professionals doesn’t only mean hiring their skills but also, their knowledge and years of experience to make sure everything is done the right way.

Here’s one takeaway from our lawn mowing Folsom pros. Did you know that you should keep grass in the shade or under a tree even longer? Simply put, longer grass means longer roots. Since grass under a tree has to compete with the tree roots for nutrients and water, give them a fighting chance by allowing their roots to grow longer.

Choose lawn mowing Folsom service by NorCal Gardening and rest assured that your lawn will be handled the right way. Additionally, we make the entire process simple. Besides, you can order weekly or bi-weekly services to mow your lawn depending on your objectives and what’s recommended.

Lawn Maintenance Folsom, CA

lawn maintenance folsomIs lawn maintenance folsom service what you’re looking for? Leave it to us.

Lawn maintenance is a service that requires a lot of other services to accomplish. For instance, making sure irrigation system is effective, grass cutting or lawn mowing, gardening, and more. Fortunately, our lawn maintenance Folsom service covers all services that you need. 

We provide effective service called lawn maintenance Folsom to keep your lawn healthy and green. The lawn is the most noticeable part of your property, therefore, maintaining it is vital. Knowing that, we only provide service that is worth every penny and worth every attention from viewers.

Furthermore, never stress about the regular maintenance that your lawn needs. We can agree on a maintenance plan to implement on your lawn and we’ll have it marked on our calendar. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether it’s time to do the maintenance or not. We’ll be there when we’re expected to and deliver results you deserve. Contact our lawn maintenance Folsom team today.

Lawn Care Folsom

lawn care folsomTake advantage of California’s mild climate by spending more time outdoors. One way of making living outdoors more attractive is by improving your lawn’s appeal with our lawn care folsom service. Folsom has a lot to offer such as zoo and museum. There are a lot of places to visit and see than just stressing yourself out with how to take care of your lawn. 

Our team offers quality lawn care services in Folsom for home and business owners alike. Moreover, we take good care of your lawn and make your property pop all-year long. We take every step to ensure your lawn stays beautiful and lush without you having to do the heavy liftings.

Additionally, we are known to provide affordable and reliable lawn care folsom service. We offer professional weekly and bi-weekly  service based on your preference. Now you can enjoy all the sights Folsom has to offer without worrying too much about your lawn. 

It’s not news that California can be very dry at certain parts of the year which makes taking care of your lawn harder. Fortunately, our lawn care Folsom experts know how to handle this situation effectively. Our pros at lawn care are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Therefore, making the right decisions to keep your lawn in a good shape all-year-long is assured.

What are you waiting for? Make your outdoor space your new favorite place with our lawn care Folsom service. Contact us today.

Clean Up Service Folsom CA

clean up service folsomIs clean up service folsom what you’re searching for? We’re glad you found us.

Our clean up service Folsom includes a range of services in a single package. For instance, lawn clean-up, garden bed care, tree trimming, and more. Besides, we have customized lawn and yard clean-up to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Our clean up service Folsom includes:

  • overgrown yard
  • leaf removal
  • weed control
  • yard debris and waste removal
  • green waste disposal
  • Fall yard clean up
  • Spring yard clean up

Ditch those debris, dirt, and unpleasant stuff spoiling your beautiful lawn and landscaping with our clean up service Folsom  today.

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Garden care Folsom and all other services go together to ensure best result. Generally, we check your property and assess what services it needs to bring out its best possible version. Let’s work together to achieve it.

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