A Few Useful Tips for your Cute Winter Pots

You should know the fact that planting winter pots is different from planting​ summer pots. If you are struggling to do so, let us know a few useful tips! It is not only that the plants you have in your winter pot should be winter-resistant. Several other tips will help you get a winter-ready plant pot.

Winter Pots Ideas and Tips

Changing all the Compost is not required

Plants grow in summer. Therefore,​ you should give them new compost. It is crucial to feed them for their health. However, they don’t grow that much during winter. Hence, you don’t have to feed them that much either. In your winter pot, you can just take out the first layer of the compost and get it replaced with the new one. It should be fine if you take off a third of the compost already present.

Put More Plants in Your Winter Pot

winter pot full of snow

As stated earlier, plants don’t grow as much in winter. When you buy plants for summer, a small sapling is enough because you know that they will grow into wonderful displays. On the other hand, you have to buy more plants in the winter and  pack them tightly so that they appear full. Also, try out different pot combinations. Notwithstanding, it is best to opt for a professional Lawn Care Services to take care of Plants and Pots.

Do Watch Out for Pests

If you spot some pests in your compost, you should get rid of that compost immediately. They will ruin your pot. Specifically, watch out for the vine weevil grubs. They are white little grubs that look more like maggots. They often live in roots, and also on the leaves of your plants.

Save money by reusing plants in winter pots

Buying winter plants is more expensive than buying summer ones because you need to buy more. You can re-use your winter plants either in summer pots or in your garden. As a plant lover, we know that you have wasting plants. Evergreen plants used in the pots are long-lasting and so you can easily use them again.

Decorate them nicely so that they are suitable for outdoor use. You can choose to add fairy lights or more colorful flowers to make them look fresh and full. Buy things that you would use for your winter pots and Norcal Gardening will assist you with keeping your garden clean and free from pests.

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