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If you are looking to get a new lawn, patio, deck, or pool installed then you would be surprised at the number of landscaping companies that offer services such as these.

Landscape design is a very broad term that encompasses many different things. From designing a garden to creating and landscape maintenance for a residential or commercial property, there are many ways in which a landscape designer can assist you.

The first thing that most people think about when they hear the word ‘landscaper’ is someone who comes around and mows their grass. While this is one way of thinking about it, it is not the only way. There are many other ways that landscapers work with their clients. Some may do more than just mowing the grass; others may install rock gardens or create ponds.

If you want your outdoor living space to look its best, it makes sense to hire a professional landscaper that provides Roseville landscaping services like Norcal Gardening. They will know how to make sure that everything looks good, from the ground up. It is important to remember that landscaping does require some maintenance. You should expect to pay a little bit each year to keep the yard looking nice. If you don’t have time to maintain a beautiful yard yourself, call us or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you asap! We’ll take care of everything for you and don’t have to worry about the entire process.

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Make Your Dream A Reality with our Roseville Landscaping Services

When you’re ready to start planning your outdoor space, we recommend taking a few steps back and assessing what you already have. What’s working well in your backyard? And what could use an upgrade? Once you’ve got a good idea of where you want to go, you can begin making plans for your project.

Our landscape company specializes in all aspects of gardening and landscaping. Whether you need help with planting trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, or anything else related to plants, our team has the experience needed to get the job done right. Our goal is to give you the best results possible on every project.

We are licensed and insured professionals in Northern California who are dedicated to providing superior service and quality products. We pride ourselves on being able to provide high-end designs and installations while maintaining reasonable pricing.

Our company offers free estimates and consultations for any projects you might have in mind. We also offer a wide array of services such as:

Garden Care Roseville CA

garden care rosevilleYou found us because you were searching for garden care Roseville, right? We’re glad you came to us for help. Our gardens serve many purposes depending on the situation. It gives us peace, hope, and even relieves stress by looking at those beautiful plants and flowers swaying as warm breeze passes.

We provide garden care Roseville service that is second to none. Additionally, we take care of your garden so that you don’t have to worry about it despite your busy schedule. Primarily, we take of every of all tasks like pruning, weeding, manuring, and other general gardening tasks. We will keep your garden healthy and adored by many.

It takes a lot of work and maintenance in order to achieve your ideal garden. However, hiring us could definitely save you time and effort and you’re assured to get the desired result. Our garden care Roseville experts are equipped with the experience, knowledge, skills, and the right tools to make things happen for you. We recommend seeing the garden first before giving you a quote. This way, we can assess the amount of work to be done and other services your garden might need in order to maximize result. 

We want to give you the best so contact our garden care Roseville experts today. Meanwhile, read through our gardening tips for beginners to learn more.

Grass Cutting Roseville CA

grass cutting rosevilleIs grass cutting Roseville what you searched for? Then, let’s talk. You found us because we maintain a good reputation in this business. We have  proven track record and highly rated by our clients.

Our grass cutting Roseville service ensures that your grass is evenly cut and that no stubborn weeds are left. Besides, we will also turn your patched and unhealthy lawn into a levelled one. We only provide nothing but top-notch grass cutting Roseville service to home and business owners.

As opposed to what it seems, grass cutting isn’t that straightforward. Depending on the type of grass and the season we’re in, making sure not to cut the grass too short is important in order not to end up damaging your precious lawn. Our grass cutting Roseville team knows about that so, you can rest assured we’ll take that into consideration.

Irrigation System Roseville

irrigation system rosevilleLooking for irrigation system Roseville? We’ll be glad to help you with an effective irrigation system.

Our irrigation system Roseville pros will provide you with a custom-tailored irrigation system to suit your field’s design and size. Additionally, we install sprinkler system to promote the growth and health of plants. 

With a proper and effective irrigation system Roseville service, you wouldn’t have to worry about watering your plants, more so, about underwatering or overwatering them. Our experts recommend that your lawn gets two one-inch soakings per week. Although you can do it manually by holding on to a hose to accomplish the task, having a sprinkler system installed is smarter and more consistent in getting the job done.

Furthermore, we also repair your existing system and make it like new. Let us help you with your irrigation system Roseville blues today.

CA Roseville Landscaping

Our team of certified experts know just the right strategies to fulfill your landscaping needs in Roseville, even for sloped yards. Further, we provide custom-tailored designing to achieve the most beautiful landscaping you so desire. We take pride in what we do. And, we only provide effective and efficient solutions to Roseville clients.

Sprinkler Repair Roseville CA

sprinkler repair roseville caDid you typed sprinkler repair roseville ca on Google? Then, consider us. There’s a reason why Google ranked us in the first page.

We are a trusted and reliable company to provide sprinkler repair Roseville CA service. Our years of experience equipped us with the necessary knowledge required to fix any sprinkler system. We are confident in providing this service because we’re competent enough to identify the problem and fix it efficiently.

We all know that most homeowners and businesses already own a sprinkler system. However, it doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong even if sprinkler systems are meant to be set-it-and-forget-it tool. In fact, even one pop-up head spewing wrong pressure can compromise the efficiency of the entire system.

Our team in sprinkler repair Roseville CA is ready to tackle any sprinkler system issue no matter how small it is. Base on our experience, one major reason why sprinkler system fail is because the system wasn’t properly prepared for the winter. Water deposits in the backflow device seals and delivery lines can cause leaks and cracks in the casing which require major fixes later on. Although freezing temperatures don’t usually happen in Roseville, we have experienced this problem with some of our clients. Therefore, get a proper blowout and winterization with our sprinkler repair Roseville CA team.

Lawn Mowing Roseville CA

lawn mowing rosevilleWere you searching lawn mowing Roseville? Then, your search is over. We provide lawn mowing service in Roseville that is loved by clients. We’ll be glad to showcase how our lawn mowing Roseville service can accentuate the beauty of your lawn.

The cost of our service lawn mowing Roseville varies depending on the size of the lawn to be mowed, the current state of the lawn, and even the difficulty of accessing the lawn. That said, the best way we can give you a quote is by seeing the area first otherwise, we can give you an estimate through the phone.

The way we do lawn mowing Roseville is backed by our knowledge and years of experience in doing this service. Lawn mowing might seen straightforward but there are important things to consider while mowing your lawn. Mowing has to be carefully done not to damage the lawn and not to cut too short given the particular grass and season. Our team knows about these but I don’t know about other people providing this service. So, don’t just let anyone handle your lawn mowing.

You can choose a convenient lawn mowing service in Roseville with NorCal Gardening. We make the entire process simple. You can order weekly or bi-weekly services to get your lawn mowed depending on your objectives. Also, we strive to make it attractive and free from debris.

Lawn Maintenance Roseville

lawn maintenance rosevilleLooking for lawn maintenance Roseville? You have found the right people. Maintenance plays a major part on any project and your lawn is not an exemption.

We provide effective lawn maintenance Roseville service Roseville to keep your field healthy and green. The lawn is the most noticeable part of your property, therefore, maintaining it is vital. Knowing that, we only provide service that is worth every penny and worth every attention from viewers.

Our lawn maintenance Roseville pros know exactly how to maintain every aspect of your lawn. In fact, this is how experience plays a major role. You have to make sure that the guys you hire to maintain your lawn will not end up damaging it. Therefore, better safe than sorry with our lawn maintenance Roseville team. 

Lawn Care Roseville CA

lawn care rosevilleIs lawn care Roseville what you’re after? Then, you’re in good hands with us.

Our team provides premium service we call lawn care Roseville for home and business owners alike. Also, we take good care of your lawn during all seasons to, generally, make your property pop year-round. 

There are a lot of things that go into taking care of your lawn. You probably know that which is why you’re seeking our help. Taking care of your lawn is what we do best and love doing. Make the impression of how lovely you are as a person with a lawn that’s well taken care of.

Consider us for lawn care Roseville today.

Clean Up Roseville

clean up rosevilleSearching for clean up Roseville? Let us help you today.

Cleaning up may sound simple but we know it requires effort. Especially when they get accumulated, it may seem an impossible job. Don’t worry, our team in clean up Roseville literally, does cleaning for a living. 

Clean up Roseville services:

  • residential and commercial property junk removal
  • illegal dumping removal
  • water damage clean up
  • fire damage clean up
  • many more

Additionally, our clean up Roseville service includes a range of services consolidated in a single package. For instance, lawn clean-up, garden bed care, tree trimming, and more. Besides, we have customized lawn and yard clean-up to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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